New Year Puja at AVG

Arsha Vidya Gurukulam wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2017.

New Year day was celebrated with special abhishekam and puja in the morning at the Medha Dakshinamurthy temple at AVG, Anaikatti.

New Year Puja was performed to invoke the blessings of the lord for the welfare of all. Around 900 devotees participated in the puja.

Ganapati Homa was performed at 4 AM. This was followed by the nitya puja. Puja at Kalyananasubramanyam Temple was performed at 8 AM. Special 11 dravya abhisheka and new year puja was performed at Dakshinamurti temple at 10 AM.

Pujya Swamiji’s video message

The video of Pujya Swami’s Anugraha Bhashanam at an earlier New Year puja was played at the temple.

new-year-puja1In the video, Pujya Swamiji wished everyone a Happy New Year. He said that we should pray for the management and fulfillment of our desires. Desires cause inner pressure. They can make us transgress Dharma. We should pray for the inner strength to keep desires within the fold of Dharma. We should have atma balam to manage disappointments with grace. We should also pray for maturity to accept gracefully the results.

Mere talent is not enough for success. Grace is required. We earn that grace through reaching out actions.  We can learn to correct from our past mistakes, omissions and commissions. We should grow out other pursuits and be able to say “Enough is enough”. There is a time when we should give up other pursuits and pursue moksha.

The devotees also visited the Guru Tirtha (Swami Dayananda Memorial) and Guru Smrti (Photo Gallery). The devotees had an auspicious beginning of the New Year invoking the grace of Lord Dakshinamurthy and Pujya Swamiji.

Special New Year’s Eve Dinner by Students at AVG

new-year-eve-dinnerA Special New Year eve dinner was prepared by the long term course students. The menu represented the diverse background of students from different parts of the world. The menu included Bhel Puri (Gujarat), Sev Puri (Maharastra), Golguppa Pani Puri (UP), Babaghanush with cream cracker (Israel), Aloo Paratha with Tomato Chutney and Boondi Raita (Delhi), Sushi (Japan), Curd Rice (Tamil Nadu) and Musk-melon Sago Juice (Indonesia).

Various teams were created who prepared and cooked the dishes. Special center table was set showing all the menu items for dinner. The students enjoyed both preparing and serving the food and all the teachers and guests enjoyed the sumptuous feast along with the students.

Report by N. Avinashilingam