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05. Diparadhana

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This is a very useful hand-book for daily recitation at home. With all the Vedic hymns (with marks of svaras) and prayer verses that are chanted and recited at our Arsha Vidya Guruklam temples. This book is very useful to follow closely and learn the daily rituals in our and other traditional Siva temples.


06. Purna Vidya in English (Vedic Heritage Teaching Programme, set)


Guidelines for Vedic Knowledge is a supplement to Vedic Knowledge Text Book, the eleventh part of the Purna Vidya books for teaching children Vedic tradition and culture. This book provides adults with guidelines which include a structured lesson plan and guidelines to the fun filled and intellectually challenging group discussions contained in the Vedic Knowledge Text Book.

Purna Vidya - A Vision of Hindu Dharma

07. Purna Vidya – A Vision of Hindu Dharma


This is a concise publication of the content of the Children’s Purna Vidya series. It is a very good resource material for students of Vedanta on various topics connected to Vedanta like Vedangas, Upa-angas, upa-vedas, general topics on Indian culture etc.