Donations by Bank Transfers without Donor details

Donors ! Please contact us with donor-details for any of the listed Bank transfers for which donors are not recognized. We are unable to accept the donation without donor information. We need DONOR INFORMATION to accept these donations and send receipts.

DATE Donor Details Amount
05.02.2018 CNRB0009999/P18020309720527/SUKEERT 2200
15.01.2018 801516828583/NANDA KISHORE 1000
19.12.2017 353170434416092/ARUNACHALA BOARDING CO 6000
12.09.2017 17255700106/ V 4000

We appreciate the above donations through bank transfers. But we have not yet received the contact details of the donors and the purpose for which the donation is made. We are unable to accept these donations, send a receipt or even acknowledge these contributions without any contact information of the Donors. We request the Donors to please contact us at [email protected] at the earliest mentioning the amount they transferred so we can process these donations and do the needful.