The long term course which begun at AVG, Anaikatti on May 1, 2014 ended on September 28, 2017. Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati inaugurated the course and gave his blessings for the course and the students. Pujya Swamiji directly taught for one and half years. Swami Sadatmananda Saraswati taught the prasthanathraya-granthas assisted by Swami Shankarananda Saraswati who taught the prakarana-granthas and various other works.



  • Tattvabodhah                                          58 hours
  • Sadhana Panchakam                              17 hours
  • Dhanyastakam                                          6 hours
  • Shanti Mantras                                          9 hours
  • Bhagavad Gita                                        80 hours


  • Kathopanisad                                          26 hours
  • Selected Upanisad Mantras                 43 hours
  • General talks                                         144 hours
  • Bhagavad Gita                                        11 hours
  • Gita Bhasyam                                       156 hours
  • Kathopanisad Bhasyam                      124 hours
  • Ganesa Pancharatnam                           5 hours
  • Purushasuktam                                       8 hours
  • Vivekachudamani                                100 hours


  • Gita Bhasyam                                        288 hours
  • Kathopanisad Bhasyam                         95 hours
  • Mundaka Upanisad Bhasyam              163 hours
  • Kena Upanisad Bhasyam                       92 hours
  • Taittiriya Upanisad Bhasyam                 112 hours
  • Manesa Panchakam                               17 hours
  • Pratasmaranam                                       16 hours
  • Vedanta Saara                                         47 hours
  • Maya Panchakam                                      6 hours
  • Panchadasi                                                6 hours
  • Drg Drsya Viveka                                     22 hours


  • Gita Bhasyam                                         354 hours
  • Taittiriya Upanisad Bhasyam                  131 hours
  • Chandogya Upanisad Bhasyam              86 hours
  • Mandukya Upanisad Bhasyam              214 hours
  • Brahma Sutra Bhasyam                         114 hours
  • DrgDrsyaViveka                                       19 hours
  • AdvaitaMakaranda                                   16 hours
  • Hastamalakeeyam                                   10 hours
  • Dakshinamurthy Stotram                          30 hours
  • Upadesa Sahasri                                      27 hours


  • Sanskrit                                                     916 hours
  • Meditation                                                 763 hours
  • Chanting                                                   539 hours
  • Satsang                                                  1021 hours


The valedictory function was held on September 28, 2017 with Swami Viditatmananda as the Chief Guest. Swami Viditatmananda was welcomed with purnakumbha. Brni. N. Arthi was the master of ceremony. On behalf of all the students, Smt. Prema Sharma, Sri. S.. Jayakumar and Sri A. Venkatesh spoke and expressed their thanks to the Acharyas for the profound teaching received and to the management for the comfortable environment.

Swami Shankarananda thanked Pujya Swamiji for his grace all through the course. He spoke about how Pujya Swamiji in his earlier valedictory talks had spoken that the students may stay with the teaching by sharing the same with others. Recalling Pujya Swamiji’s words, he told the students not to make self-judgment of one’s own understanding of Vedanta on the basis of one’s emotions and feelings. I am Brahman, inspite of all emotions and feelings.

Swami Sadatmananda thanked Pujya Swamiji with whose guidance and blessings the fifth long term course at AVG, Anaikatti was completed. As advised in Taittiriya Upanisad the students should continue their own study and teaching throughout their life. One should not judge one-self on the basis of their number of students and number of classes.  One should appreciate that all that is here is Isvara. One should do niddidyasana to remove viparitabhavana. When there are problems, think about the solution. Think about great people and their qualities. Their life will be an inspiration.

Swami Viditatmananda gave the valedictory address. He said that he was happy with the clarity and communication skills of the two Acharyas. Pujya Swamiji apart from his Vedanta teaching had the understanding of the human mind. Samskaras create a distance between what I am and what I am not. It saps energy, enthusiasm and creates inferiority complex. Put Vedanta to practice. The goal is self growth, purity of the mind and sannyasa. From vividishas-annyasi,  one should become vidvat-sannyasi without self-judgment. Live the knowledge of Brahman. Ambition is hidden in the mind and it uses various situations to fulfill its agenda. Action to be done with a sense of gratitude as an offering to Isvara.

Teacher is a demanding role. Students will discover shraddha in you, and with reverence, will look upon you. Sadhu has no private life. Gita 16th Chapter tells what are the tendencies one should avoid. In Taittiriya Upanisad, the teacher tells the students to imbibe only their blemishless actions. Be respectful to other teachers and all people. A person is what his shraddha is. Be sensitive to people. Be compassionate and accept their belief system. Teach people what they need to know and not what you want. Being humble and having gratitude is an important part of life. Svadyaya and pravacana are to be done. Moksa is the culmination of self-growth.

Desiring is a privilege. You can have non-binding desires. Maintain your boundaries. Consume minimum. Contribute maximum. Make Pujya Swamiji proud.

Report by N. Avinashilingam