Temples in Gurukulam




The Mahakumbhabhisekam for Sri Medha Dakshinamurti and Sri Kalyana Subrahmanya Swami temples at AVG, Anaikatti is scheduled for 17th June 2018. Under the guidance of of Sri Swami Omkarananda Mahaswamigal,  Mahakumbhabhishekam will be performed.


As a preparatory step for Mahakumbhabhishekham, it is the tradition  to establish a Balalayam. The Shakti of all the deities in the respective temples are transferred to the new Pratibimbas placed in the Balalayam.






This is done by performing a Prasannabhishekam to the deities including

their respective Vimanas, getting Devata and Brahmana Anujna (seeking

blessings to transfer the Shakti of the deities to the Pratibimbas in New

Balalayam),  performing Kalakarshanam to transfer the Shakti of the deities

to the Kalasas (representing each of the deities), doing Homas and Poojas

to the Kalasas, and finally by bringing the Kalasas having the Shakti of

each of the  deities from the Yagashala to the Balalayam, and performing

Kumbhabhishekam to the Pratibimbas of each of the deities through

rituals and mantras.





Balalayam rituals began on the morning

of 27th November 2017 with Sri Ganapathy

Homam and concluded on 30th November

2017, in the morning, with Balalaya

Kumbhabhishekam, Alankaram, Archana

and Maha-Deeparadhana.












Ganapati and Navagraha homas were performed on the morning of 27th Nov followed by Vastu Puja in the evening. Prasaanabhishekam to all dieties was performed on 28th morning followed by kalakarshanam. Yagasala Pravesam of the Kalasas and the Prathama Kaala Puja at the Yagasala was  done on the 28th evening. The second, third and fourth Kaala-pujas at the Yagasala were performed on 29th and 30th Nov.











After the Chaturtha-Kaala-puja on the 30th morning, the Kalasas

were taken to the Balalayam and Balalaya Kumbhabhishekam

was performed. All rituals for the Balalayam were done by a

dedicated team of Sivacharyas under the inspiring guidance

of Sri Swami Omkarananda Mahaswamigal.






Now Nitya and Naimittika  poojas are now being done to the new Pratibimbas in the Balalayam in the same manner as it was done in the temples. All pujas will continue in the Balalayam until the temples are reconsecrated during Maha Khumbhabhishekam.