1 Levelling of area between the Mandapas –


The floor between the Daksinamurti Mandapam and the Yagasala Mandapam is being brought to the same level as the Mandapams to facilitate movement of devotees and priests. It is planned to be re-laid with concrete to bring the level of the pathway on the same level as the two Mandapams.

1.20 lakhs
2 All-weather covered Pradaksina path around Sri Jnana Ganapati Sannidhi and Sri Medaha Daksinamurti Sannidhi –


The Parikrama path around Sri Jnana Ganapati Sannidhi and Sri Medha Daksinamurti Sannidhi will be covered to protect devotees from rain/ sun while during Pradakshina. The plan envisages providing arched poly-carbonate sheets over metal trusses with metal support posts on either side of the pathway. Poly-carbonate is long lasting and also permits light through.

7.50 lakhs
3 As per the requirements of the Agama sastras, the Sri Nandikeswara presently close to the Sri Narmadeshwara Sannidhi is to be moved a further eight feet away and positioned in the present Pradosha Mandapam.


This necessitates the inclusion of that portion of the Pradosha Mandapam within the temple premises with a gate. The remaining portion of the Pradosha Mandapam is to be protected with a grill and secured with another gate. A ramp is also planned at the entry gate of Pradosha Mandapam to facilitate elderly and differently-abled devotees.

3.00 lakhs
4 In order to maintain continuity in the floor level between the Sri Narmadeshwar premises and the Pradosha Mandapam, it is planned to fill the gap with RCC and also provide a RCC cantilever platform extending in the north south direction at a height of about two meters, which will enable creation of spaces under the beam that could be used for storage as well as for a Prasadam-distribution counter during festivals. 3.50 lakhs
5 To prevent the entry of birds and animals to the Homa Mandapam, it is now planned to provide Stainless steel mesh with frame on the outer walls. Two heavy-duty Aluminium frame sliding doors will provide convenient entry and exit from the Homa Mandapam. 2.80 lakhs
6 The Madapalli (Temple kitchen) and storage room at the Temple complex needs to be provided with additional shelves for storage and the walls of the rooms repainted. Similarly, the Homa Manadapam needs renovation of both interior, exterior and the terrace. 2.20 lakhs
7 For the Mahakumbhabishekam Yagasala (15 kundas) the existing open air platform opposite the Lecture Hall is to be extended by about 10 feet in breadth and 6 feet in length, by creating a brick walled enclosure of same height as the existing platform , then filled with sand to level it up. 0.85 lakhs
8 The existing kalashas, brass fittings, Temple bell in the different Sannidhis are to be cleaned and electroplated. The wooden doors also are in need of repairs. 1.62 lakhs
9 Expansion of Sri Jnanaesvari Sannidhi 5.5 lakhs
10 Waterproofing of Sri. Kalyan Subrahmanya Swami temple Mandapam. 1.1 lakhs
11 The area around the Sri. Kalyan Subrahmanya Swami temple is to be protected by a wall to prevent the entry of wild-boars, goats, sheep etc. 2.8 lakhs
12 The re-electrification of the Temple complex with better illumination and wiring. 1.30 lakhs
13 The renovation of the 60 steps leading to the Sri Kalyana Subramanya Swami temple (fully sponsored by a devotee).