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In the Vision of Vedanta

In the Vision of Vedanta (Xerox)


” Vedanta doesn’t remove any limitations,” says Swamiji. “It only makes you understand that you are already free from them.” Swamiji unfolds the essence of the self, which is none other than “timeless awareness fullness.” By recognizing some simple facts, we come to know that we already are who we want to be.

Mahavakya Vichara

Mahavakya Vichara (Old edition)


Swamiji talks about the essence of the Upanishads which is the source of the whole Vedanta pursuit. Similar to the Einstein equation, both sides of the equation must be fully understood in order to appreciate what the ‘equals’ actually means. Therefore when the Upanishad says, “You Are That or That Thou Art”, what is the real meaning of the ‘you’ and the ‘that’ referred to here? Since all the Upanishads have this equation in one form or another, these insights by Swamiji are not only most profound, but are essential in the further studies of Vedanta.