Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any short term courses on Vedanta offered at the the Gurukulam?

Gurukulam conducts many short term retreats. You can check out the upcoming retreats here.

Q. When is the next Long term Sanskrit and Vedanta course?

Please check for announcements in our website.

Q. Where can I find information on the long term course?

You will find the details in Upcoming Course.

General Questions- Useful for First time visitors

Q. Can I get some general information on the Gurukulam?

You can find a lot of information in the About us page.

Q. How do I request accommodation?

Kindly fill in and submit the Request for Accommodation form at the website.

Q. How do I get there?

The Gurukulam is about 25 km from the City.  Taxis charge around Rs.1000 to Rs.1200  for a ride to the Gurukulam from the Bus stand and Railway Station. A trip from the Airport will cost about Rs.1500/-. There are buses from Gandhipuram Town bus stand to Anaikatti which start plying very early in the morning – first bus at about 4:30 AM. You may request a ticket to ASHRAM at Anaikatti,  the bus stop is very close to the main gate.

You can also request for a taxi through Request a Taxi page.

Q. Where do I collect room keys on arrival?

Room keys can be collected from Reception upon arrival during office hours (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM). If you plan to arrive earlier than 9:00 AM or after 5:00 PM, please inform the office in advance (+91-0422-2657001) so they may leave your keys with the security guard at the Main gate. Upon arrival, you can collect the keys from him. If you are unfamiliar with the location of the room allotted, please ask the security guard/reception for help/directions.

Q. What are the basic facilities at the Gurukulam?

The accommodation will be simple with bed, sheets and blanket. Guests are expected to bring their own toiletries, towel etc.

Temple: The Daksinamurti temple pujas are done early morning from about 5:30AM and evening starting at 6:00PM.

Food: A bell rings at the time of Breakfast (8:00 AM) , Lunch (12:45PM)  and dinner (7:15 PM) and Tea.  There is early morning Tea at about 5:30 AM, Mid morning Tea at 11:00 AM and evening tea at 3:30 PM. Drinking water (Reverse Osmosis treated) is available in the dining hall and lecture hall and office. Most people bring a bottle and fill it up as needed.

Mobile network: The only mobile phone network which functions reasonably well at the Gurukulam is BSNL – you may not get a signal for other mobile networks.

There are no shops in the immediate vicinity of the Gurukulam – so please bring with you anything which you need as soon as you arrive.

Q. What should I plan to bring when I come for a visit?

Blankets, linens are supplied by the Gurukulam. The following items may be useful during your stay:

  • Flashlight: The Gurukulam is in a forest and therefore a good flashlight (Torch) will be very handy at night
  • Insect repellent
  • Sun screen – If one has the skin sensitive to the tropical Sun, a sunscreen can help in Summer – Highs  in Summer can approach 40 degree Celsius.
  • Chappals (Sandals)
  • Walking/Running shoes
  • Umbrella

Q. Is there a Dress Code in the Gurukulam?

There is no formal dress code. Modest attire, comfortable loose clothing suitable for sitting for long periods would be suitable. Jeans and Shorts are better avoided.

Q. What is the climate like in the Gurukulam?

You may check the climate of Anaikatti which is 5 km from the Gurukulam.

The Gurukulam being in a very green area, 25 km from the city, the Gurukulam is usually a few degrees cooler than Coimbatore city.

Money Matters

Q. Are foreign currencies accepted at the Gurukulam?

Acceptance of donations in Foreign currency at the Gurukulam is restricted to US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros only. Please note that the Gurukulam does not offer a money changing facility

Please note that there is no ATM nearby the Gurukulam at this time.