Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Anaikatti, offers short term camps and retreats on different topics, that can help people grow in terms of emotional maturity and gain an insight into our rich spiritual heritage. There are camps for adults and children. The duration of a camp may range from 2 days to a week, or more. These retreats are conducted by the GurukulamĀ and provide an opportunity forĀ one to get an insight into Vedanta or to have a refreshing, meaningful and enriching break, in a serene and soothing atmosphere, away from their hectic city life.

Retreats offered by AVG, Anaikatti

A Two Year Residential Course on Vedanta and Sanskrit conducted by Swami Sadatmananda Saraswati will commence from 15th January 2020. Currently, we do not have any plan to do short term retreats.