The Gurukulam primarily runs on contributions from supporters including visitors, students, well-wishers, devotees and guests.

We welcome contributions in any form that you can offer. You can choose to make

  • General donation
  • Corpus donation
  • Offer annadanam
  • Request a puja
  • Participate in many special events like Gurupurnima and Sivaratri
  • Donate money to support a student of the course
  • Purchase books, CDs and DVDs from our books department for your own use and also as a gift for others
  • Conduct a camp at the Gurukulam

If you have other idea, we encourage you to contact us to explore alternative ways to support to the Gurukulam, whether it is a suggestion to help you channel your financial contributions to more specific uses or to look at other ways of contributing.

Ways of giving

You may support the Gurukulam by donating any amount you are comfortable donating as a general donation or you may request it be used for a specific cause or project.

Gift for a day or Annadanam

The most common way of giving in vogue is to make a donation to contribute towards the expenses for one day or expenses for meals for one day by sponsoring annadanam (bhiksha). And a Puja to mark any significant event in the life of oneself or someone you care for – like a birthday, anniversary, upanayanam, vidyarambham, marriage etc. If you would prefer to make a partial contribution for annadanam, you are welcome to do so.

Bhiksha (Providing for food) sponsorship donations currently stand at:

  • Lunch only                          Rs. 7,500/-
  • Whole day                          Rs. 10,000/-
  • Lunch bhiksa with some special items including a sweet Rs. 12,500/-

A special puja will be performed in the name specified by the donor on the date of Bhiksha and prasadam will be sent to the address specified by the donor.

You may make a contribution towards supporting the study of student at the Gurukulam to whatever extent you wish to.

You can participate in Events at the Gurukulam like Maha-sivaratri, Gurupurnima, Gurupeyarchi etc.

Another valuable way to support the Gurukulam is to get books, audios and videos on various topics from our Book Store and also by choosing the books, audios, videos etc. from a wide range available as a gift for many different occasions. It’s not just the receiver who is blessed, the giver is blessed too, with the gift of knowledge and opens new possibilities for one’s growth.

Corpus Donations:

A Corpus donation is a donation, where the money donated will be held in a corpus fund, and the income earned on the invested corpus fund will be utilised by the Gurukulam. We request you to fill up a corpus-certificate form when making a corpus donation.

One can donate money for a day’s puja or bhiksha through a corpus donation. As at the time of writing one can sponsor a corpus bhiksha, wherein a bhiksha will be offered on your behalf on one day every year, by making a donation of Rs.80,000.

A puja will be performed in the name specified by the donor on the date of Bhiksha and prasadam will be sent to the address specified by the donor.

Plan a camp at the Gurukulam

Teachers of Arsha Vidya can plan to bring their students for a camp at the Gurukualm, which gives them a unique opportunity to study in the serene Gurukulam setting and offer their contribution to the Gurukulam. Please contact our office for scheduling a camp.

Mode of payment for any donation (including bhiksha)

We accept Donations by Cash, Cheque, Drafts, and Bank Transfers. We plan to accept donations using cards shortly, as well as make it easy to make the payments online. All donations may be made in favour of Sruti Seva Trust.

Instructions for Bank Transfers

The most reliable, speediest option is a bank transfer. Within India most banks offer free bank transfer facilities. It is very important you send an email or letter communication to the office when a bank transfer is made to us else we wil not know who sent the money. Please include your Name, PAN number (mandatory for amounts over 10,000), purpose of donation, address to mail receipt and address to mail puja prasadam (if applicable) You may do an electronic transfer as per the following details:

Bank Transfer details for domestic transfers:

(Bank Transfer from an Indian bank and donor has a local Indian address)

Bank code : IFS Code IOBA0000643

Bank Name: Indian Overseas Bank, Chinna Thadagam Branch.

Account Number 064301000007129, .

for the credit of SRUTI SEVA TRUST

Please click here.

Note :

Please mention your PAN Card number as it is mandatory as per the recent government rule/regulation.

For all Foreign currency transfers:

Please contact the AVG office for details regarding Electronic Transfers.