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Purna Vidya in Tamil (VHTP) – 11 books set with a CD


Guidelines for Vedic Knowledge is a supplement to Vedic Knowledge Text Book, the eleventh part of the Purna Vidya books for teaching children Vedic tradition and culture. This book provides adults with guidelines which include a structured lesson plan and guidelines to the fun filled and intellectually challenging group discussions contained in the Vedic Knowledge Text Book.

Purpose of Prayer

Purpose of Prayer

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One has to be at the right place at the right time to achieve anything significant. One cannot will it to happen but one can always pray to make it happen. Thus free will finds its total expression in prayer. That one can pray is itself a blessing and how one prays makes prayer meaningful to one.

Sadhana & Sadhya

Sadhana Sadhya

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The end in view, sadhya decides the means, Sadhana. Self dissatisfied, conscious being that every human being is has only one end that is satisfaction, centred on oneself. In other words, one has to discover satisfaction. The means for this discovery is the teaching of vedanta.