Retreats offered by AVG Anaikatti

The following are the retreats planned between July and Dec 2018. Additional retreats on Astrology, Sanskrit and Ayurveda are likely to be announced later. Every retreat will include Temple Puja, Meditation, Classes on Vedanta, Satsang (Question and Answer Sessions). Chanting, Yoga and Sanskrit classes may also be included. Participation in Gurukula-Seva during the retreat as needed will be appreciated.

Retreat Id :  R18-07

Retreat Topic : Gurupurnima Retreat

Retreat Dates : 8:00 PM Saturday, 21st July to 12:30 PM Saturday, 28th July

This will be a seven day “Gurupurnima Retreat” on Vedanta with Swami Sadatmananda on Dakshinamurti Stotram & with Swami Shankarananda on Kaivalyaopanisad Vakya – “shraddha- bhakti-dhyana-yogaad avehi”. In addition to the classes, there will be religious rituals including Rudra Trishati Laksarchana, 108 sankha-abhishekam and Mandala Abhishekam between 24th and 26th July to mark the conclusion of the Mandala Pujas following Kumbhabahishekam at the temples in the Gurukulam. The rituals will be performed by Sivacharyas under the guidance of Sri Swami Omkarananda Mahaswamigal from Theni.

Retreat Id :  R18-08

Retreat Topic : Kaivalyopanisad Retreat (Tamil)

Retreat Dates : 8:00 PM Sunday, 29th July to 12:30 PM Saturday, 4th August

This will be a six day retreat on Kaivalyopanisad with Swamini Brahmaleenananda in Tamil.

Retreat Id :  R18-09

Retreat Topic : Independence Day Retreat

Retreat Dates : 8:00 PM Saturday, 11th August to 12:30 PM Saturday, 18th August

This will be a seven day “Independence Day” retreat on Brahma Vidya with Swami Shankarananda based on the second Mundaka of Mundakopanisad. In addition, participate in the Dakshinamurti-Mula-Mantra Japa on 15th Aug, Pujya Swamiji’s birthday.

Retreat Id :  R18-10

Retreat Topic : Janmashtami Retreat

Retreat Dates : 8:00 PM Saturday, 1st Sep to 12:30 PM Saturday, 8th Sep

This is a “Janmashtami Retreat” with Swami Sadatmananda on Prashnopanishat and Narayanashtaka.

Retreat Id :  R18-11

Retreat Topic : Mundakopanisad Retreat

Retreat Dates : 8:00 PM Saturday, 1st Dec to 12:30 PM Saturday, 15th Dec

This will be a 14 day Vedanta retreat with Swami Shankarananda on Mundakopanisad covering the Third Mundaka in detail and summarizing the entire Upanisad.

Retreat Id :  R18-12

Retreat Topic : Christmas and New year Retreat

Retreat Dates : 8:00 PM Saturday, 22nd Dec to 12:30 PM Tuesday, 1st Jan

10 day Christmas Family retreat on Self Inquiry with Swami Shankarananda. This will be based on the text Svarupa-anusandhana-ashtakam. The retreat will conclude at Lunch time on 31st. Dec.  You are welcome opt to stay an extra day and participate in the New-year day program which will conclude by Lunch on 1st Jan.

This being a Family camp children aged between 6 and 15 accompanied by a parent or guardian may also be registered for the camp. Children should understand English. There will be separate classes and activities for children. The exact program for children will depend on registrations received. Seva from parents to make the children’s camp better welcome.

You may register for the retreats by filling up the following registration form. Please register separately for each retreat by selecting the Retreat Id of the retreat.

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