Digital Library

The Gurukulam has a digital Library. The library has digital images of palm leaf manuscripts and paper manuscripts running to around 5 to 6 lakh pages and Video documentation of rituals running to more than 100 hours. The purpose of the digital library is to preserve ancient manuscripts on the verge of getting lost in digital format, publish texts that are not already in print and provide the infrastructure for scholars to stay and research.

As part of the effort to bring into print some unpublished texts, a team of scholars has been constituted as part of the Research Council. The scholars include Sri Balakrishna Sastrigal, Sri Radhakrishna Sastrigal, Sri Krishnamurthi Sastrigal, Sri Ghoda Venkateswara Sastrigal, Sri Mani Dravid Sastrigal, Dr. Abhiramasundaram and Sri Kodavasal Balu. Work on bringing into print some texts from our collection is underway.

The infrastructural facility includes computers, scanner, printer, digital camera, high definition video camera, facilities for researchers to stay comfortably and a good library. We are also looking out to digitise old valuable manuscripts. Any information on the availability of such manuscripts is welcome.