Swami Dayananda Memorial Projects – Current status


Guru Tirtha

The objective is to provide all devotees and visitors to have a glimpse of the living spaces within the Kutiya in its original state when Pujya Swamiji lived in Anaikatti. The interior space in the Kutiya will be largely undisturbed  but for some changes to give a long life to Guru Tirtha and to help create a nice experience for all visiting devotees. This objective is facilitated by a parikrama around the Kutiya finally leading to the hall in the Kutiya which will feature a marble statue of Pujya Swamiji similar to the one in the Adhisthana at Rishikesh. The parikrama winds its way covering three viewing points into the Kutiya. The ambience and experience along the parikrama  will be further  enhanced by landscaped lawn & gardens along the path. The inners space is getting a facelift with repainting and polishing, curated interiors, special lighting etc.

Currently a team of more than seventy is engaged in the civil works which is nearing completion. The elaborate stone work around the parikrama is progressing at a good clip. More teams will shortly commence some activities for preservation and renovation – such as painting, lighting, air conditioning, false ceiling, floor polishing, electrical and related works.

The project is led by professionals both with reference to the Architecture as well as the creation of curated views in the Kutiya. The work is proceeding well and with your good wishes and the blessings of  Daksinamurti & Pujya Swamiji we expect it will be ready to open on  the 20th  Nov 2016 , on which we also observe the 26th anniversary of the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Anaikatti.

Swami Dayananda Gallery

Pictures were received from different quarters. The selection of pictures to be included in the Gallery  has been done  and their layouts for various frames are being finalised. All pictures will be freshly printed and displayed. The gallery will be cleaned and repainted. As part of the restructuring a mini lecture hall is also being added adjacent to the Gallery.