Retreats offered by AVG Anaikatti

AVG offers the following retreats. Every retreat will include Temple Puja, Meditation, Classes on Vedanta, Satsang (Question and Answer Sessions). Chanting, Yoga and Sanskrit classes may also be included. Participation in Gurukula-Seva during the retreat as needed will be appreciated.

Retreat Id :  VE19-02

Retreat Topic : Introduction to Vedanta in Tamil based on the Text “Sadhana Bodhini”

Retreat Dates : 8:00 PM Saturday, 6th Apr’19 to 12:30 PM Saturday, 13th Apr’19

This is a seven day retreat in Tamil with Swamini Brahmaleenananda. This will be based on the text Sadhana Bodhini of Swami Sadatmananda.

You may register for the retreats by filling up the following registration form. Please register separately for each retreat by selecting the Retreat Id of the retreat.

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